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Are you a leader, teacher, facilitator, coach, speaker, etc. who wants more aliveness, creativity, play and purpose in your work and life? Perhaps after finding some success you now feel disconnected from your original spark or perhaps you just want to expand the reach and impact of your magic by becoming a more engaging, creative & dynamic leader? If so, let’s connect, I’d love to help you re-ignite and revitalize the fun, freedom and creative fire of your work.

You want life to be magic.  Life wants you to be magic too.

How Leif rolls. (Click each for more information.)

Some basics about Leif…

Who Are You?

I’m someone who loves supporting heart-led visionary leaders –unsung or celebrated superheroes who want to enjoy life as fully as possible while helping this world become a more beautiful, healthy, empowered, creative or fun place to live.  More details below.

What Do You Do?

For my gainful employment, I offer five primary services:
  1. I deliver high-impact presentations, preferably as interactive, improvisational & experiential as the setting will allow. While I have my signature keynotes, my emphasis is usually on creating meaningful connections and creative learning experiences for all participants.
  2. I help teams stay vitalized about their work & their relationships through trainings and retreats.
  3. I handpick (or find through this survey) around 10 coaching clients who inspire me & then customize a robust coaching and consulting relationship that lasts between 6 months and a couple years.  Sometimes we just have a short coaching fling.
  4. I offer a playformation-based” personal growth retreat twice a year that helps people feel re-ignited about life & reconnected to their Heart of hearts.
  5. I offer a powerful professional development workshop called “Fully Engaged: How to WOW” that helps people become more engaging, dynamic, creative leaders while also expanding the reach & depth of their impact in both live and online settings.

I share my own creative magic through facilitating a variety of community events, improv-arts performances or a number of open enrollment classes.

Who Do You Usually Work With?

My primary focus is coaching service-based solopreneurs. 
That said, I offer a variety of forms of leadership development (personal, professional, teams & communities) through classes, trainings, presentations, workshops & retreats. You’ll learn more about that below.
Let me break down some of those terms: (click to expand text below)
  • Heart-led: While money or other motives are important to my clients, they’re primarily motivated by love.
  • Visionary Leader: They have, or want to clarify, a unique vision for for how to help make this world a better place.
  • Service-based Solopreneur: They primarily work independently offering some sort of service -teaching, coaching, healing, performing, etc.
  • Coaching/Consulting: We develop a customized program (see below) in which I help them to be their most powerful, magical, fully realized selves.
Typically I’ll reach out to people who inspire me because they are bringing some kind of creative magic that is making this world a better place, but sometimes people find me through a presentation I’ve given -live or online -or who’ve attended one of my workshops or team trainings.  We set up a initial free exploratory meeting, see if we’re a good fit, and they we’re off to the races.  Yes, that was a strong hint –set up a free exploratory call with my scheduler here.

What Challenges & Problems Can You Help Solve?

As mentioned elsewhere, I work with a variety of people each with unique needs. That said, my primary clients, the ones mentioned above, tend to be challenged with:
  • Not feeling like they are connected to or fulfilling their deepest dreams, passion-led potential or becoming their most powerful selves as leaders
  • Blocked by limiting beliefs, fears or by “Inner Game” issues (see below)
  • Unaware, overwhelmed or resistant to new technologies that could help them become more effective.
  • Needing to stand out, expand their reach or wanting to make a deeper impact with the groups they work with.
  • Feeling an insufficient amount of creative, playful or transpersonal dimensions in their work/life balance.
(For the needs of teams or larger audiences I work with, please click here.)

What’s Your Unique Magic? What Makes You Stand Out?

There’s a good number of folks out there offering a similar mix of work as I do.  Each of us is unique and a better fit for different kinds of people and needs. Here’s a few interesting facts about what defines me most at this point in my life:
  • I’m ultimately inspired and motivated by how weird & wonderful it is to get to exist.  Most of the time I consider Life an awe-inspiring gift that ignites my “wonderosity” to continually explore learning about & “living the adventure” as fully as possible.
  • My expertise (simply means areas where I’ve had a lot of experience) is in 3 primary fields:
    1. The Inner Game. No matter what knowledge, skills, passions or experience you have, an inner game is always being played that’s the #1 factor in being effective professionally or satisfied in your personal life.  Helping you with this game is where my skills in coaching, personal development and more come to play.
    2. Facilitating, Teaching or Presenting to groups.  For those who work with groups in any capacity, my specialties are around helping you to become as authentic, heart-led, engaging, interactive, impactful and “now-sourced” as possible.
    3. Innovative Technologies – particularly those related to reaching, teaching & running a solo business effectively.  I was involved in ‘Social Media’ before it was even called that (through a popular podcast I led and more —led to a having a Social Media consultancy for about 5 years.) That said, I’m also a “skep-tech” and recognize that if you don’t remember to engage yourself and others as “whole persons” (not just eyeballs to screens0 and relating to your technologies consciously and sustainably, you’ll not be effective or a happy camper.
  • I’m committed to being as caring, honest, engaging, present, self-empowered & playfully interactive as possible during our work together so that you can be your most fully actualized self.
  • Coaching clients can know that I will be both infinitely gracious & compassionate towards the realities of life’s challenges and yet also always remind you of your responsibility and believe in the infinite possibilities for you to powerful effect change as desired.
  • While I think words and ideas can be great, unless they are delivered and “played with” & practiced in real life, they are usually easily & quickly forgotten and rarely result in transformation.  That’s why I focus on “playformation”.
  • I’m committed to inspiring people to imagine and co-create the most awe-inspiring future possible for humanity.  I kind of have outrageously optimistic ideas about the future and am committed to helping our planet become a global, eventually even interplanetary, community.  My optimism is grounded in “Pronoia” (google it) that has grown from a variety of life experiences.
  • I have a very unique ‘spiritual’ biography, to long to go into here, but it has led to having a high tolerance for the full spectrum of worldviews and tends to help people feel safe enough to open up and explore the deeper dimensions of their life.

What Makes You Credible & Trustworthy?

Honestly, I hope that you’re most impressed through reaching out to connect with in a way that you feel genuinely cared for and in which you experience some of my unique magic during the call that results in valuable insight or breakthrough.
That said, I get that it can help to know some of my background first before reaching out, so here’s a few tidbits
  1. Over the past 25 years, I’ve led hundreds of live and virtual events and reached tens of thousands of people through a variety of offerings.
  2. Some of my events have been featured on NBC Today Show, PBS Mediashift and a variety of other international media like LA Times, Seattle Times and more.
  3. I’ve interviewed internationally known business authors like Dan Pink, Timothy Ferris, Van Jones, Guy Kawasaki, Richard Kiyosaki and many more.
  4. I’ve presented interactive keynotes to audiences of 1000 and worked with clients as diverse as Microsoft, Hubspot, Government agencies, Non-Profits, Churches and many small businesses (I love their passion!)
  5. Fun Fact to Impress Any Geeks:  My masters thesis involved inviting a group of 15 people into a Middle Earth setting to talk with a group of Elves and go on a life-changing quest involving a variety of other magical beings. Yeah, crazy huh? Ask me about it sometime, it’s a fun story.
  6. I have a BA in Communication, a Masters in Creative Spirituality (long story) and have received dozens of trainings over the past couple decades that range from NASAGA’s Game Design to Fowler-Wainwright Coaching certification
  7. I’ve been married, mostly quite happily, since 1994 to my delightful wife Anna (met her while I was singing on the streets) and I have an amazing pre-teen daughter named Zinnia who will likely one day be a world builder.

What Have Others Said About Your Work

Here’s some testimonials from past clients

  • Coaching/Professional Development
  • Team Retreats
  • Personal Growth

Let’s talk.  I commit to give you my deepest magic.